Happiness is a choice and sadness is also a choice, you get to choose one. Happiness is a step to greatness. When you are happy, success is always near. But unfortunately, there are some habits that we portray that take us far from happiness and make us feel miserable.

In this article, we would outline five habits that will make you feel miserable.

  1. Criticizing and complaining. Criticizing people and things or complaining all the time would drive most people away from you. The more you criticize and complain about people, the more you drive them away from you. Driving people away from you would make you miserable. There is no easier way to discredit your reputation than always criticizing and complaining about people.
  1. Trying to impress people. You can never impress people (people will always talk no matter what you do) so do what you think is right and be true to yourself. Impressing others would leave you miserable and sad. People might say bad or good things about you, but once you focus on yourself and not impress anyone, you would find out you would live the rest of your life happy and filled with joy.

  1. Blaming others. It is in human nature to always look for someone to blame. But until you stop blaming people and accepting your faults you will continue to remain sad. People think that blaming others would make them feel less burdened and happy, but it doesn’t. Blaming others means that you don’t have a control over your life, and it would prevent you from growing up or give you a bad temperament. When you make a mistake, own up to it and learn from your mistakes.
  1. Loneliness. Most times we want to shut people out because we feel down and unhappy. We think staying away from people and being alone would help you get over your problems, but on the contrary, it only increases your pain. Socializing is a great way to ease your temper and heal sadness.
  1. Comparing yourself to others. Most people face this challenge (comparing themselves with others). You need to understand that we are never the same, so you should not compare yourself to any other person. Comparing yourself with other people could cause anxiety, sadness and it also makes you feel miserable. Always know that there is someone out there that wish to have what you have, so be happy with what you are.

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