Interested in building your own online store! You have come to the right place! Here are 5 best and most popular e-commerce solutions to consider!

We know it is really frustrating and annoying when looking for the best e-commerce solution for your new business idea! The more you research, the more complicated it gets. This is because of the various options available! You probably are wondering which one you should choose or which one is going to suit your business needs the most, and etc.

In order to help you, we’ve decided to present you the best and most popular e-commerce solutions on the market:

  1. Shopify This is one of the best e-commerce solutions available today. You need to use the 14-day trial and publish your first store within a few hours. If you like the platform, you can continue using it. You can connect your payment processor to your store with just a few clicks and your potential customers will start buying products from you! Shopify is a great option for all small businesses.
  2. BigCommerce This is another popular ecommerce solution that lets you build your digital store. This platform is a great option for smaller businesses, but they also work for mega-sized businesses as well. BigCommerce is easily accessible through a smartphone, email, and live chat.
  3. Volusion Volusion is a great platform and it is the second most used online shopping cart. Some of the noteworthy features, Volusion includes are eBay and Amazon integration, built-in loyalty program, and a built-in deal of the day option.
  4. Wix This ecommerce solution is a great and free website builder! What a lot of people don’t realize is that Wix also offers great ecommerce features as part of their premium packages. Even though this platform won’t impress you with its features, there is enough to get your online store up and running. They are great because there is low pricing and easy setup, no transaction costs, you will have to pay just the monthly fee.
  5. 3dcart This platform is known for its amazing features! 3dcart even has some special features built for web developers and designers. There is no transaction fee which is an additional advantage and they offer both a mobile back-end and a mobile front-end.

Choose the platform that suits your business needs the most!